peach and raspberry crumble.

by two after twenty


Some of you might remember this little project Senaa gave me a few weeks ago – a very cute 5-envelope challenge. The first envelope instructed me to take photos of 5 of my favourite things, and once I finished that task I hurriedly opened the second envelope.

My first thought after reading the second task was “crap”. Then I texted Senaa with “seriously” (followed by a bunch of !s and ?s, and a combo of both). The instructions in the second envelope: follow the wonderful Joy the Baker’s recipe, and take photos. As some of you may know, I’m a newbie to the kitchen. But finally, a few days ago, I attempted Senaa’s second task to bake. Even more miraculously, it ended up tasting great.

I baked the crumble without a kitchen helper, but with a bunch of cameras strapped around me. And the results were yummy! Anyway, here are some frames of the raspberry & peach crumble. Now, on to open envelope three …