tea and cookies.

by two after twenty


If you saw this post and read the description for number two, you’ll know the (slightly embarrassing) set up for this series (basically, pushing the subjects flush against a random window to get some decent light). This mini photo session took place in Senaa’s kitchen, and was also a result of two things: 1) a much-needed tea fix, and 2) Senaa’s discovery that I have never had anything from the Harbord Bakery.

I’ve walked by the Harbord Bakery more than enough times and have always meant to pay a visit, but never did. Apparently this was something that needed to be fixed. So we both braved the cold rain, walked down to the bakery, bought a bag of chocolate chip and raspberry shortbread cookies, and then brought them back to Senaa’s for a mini (impromptu) photo shoot. Then we ate them … and they were delicious!