envelope one.

by two after twenty

My very good friend Senaa (a very familiar face around this blog) never fails to surprise. Firstly, let me say this: I, like many other bloggers, like to keep my blog a “happy place”. I never like to touch on personal issues and frustrations, etc. – this is strictly a stress-free zone. But this is a post where my real world sort of sneaks into my happy place, because below is a mini surprise Senaa made me one day, and part of it was to cheer me up. The other part was just for fun!


She gave me one big envelope with five envelopes inside. I’m not allowed to open envelope two until I finish envelope one, and so on. The first envelope’s instructions: take a photo of my current 5 favourite things. This was hard – I really wanted a steak to snap (hahaa), but I narrowed my choices down to what you see below.


001. The camera pendant you’ll usually find me wearing. I found this guy for $8 at a vintage store! 002. Haha, this is kind of a preview for my next post. Since I don’t have any lights, sometimes I have to succumb to the classic push-your-subjects-next-to-a-window-and-shoot technique. I love it. 003. My 35mm Ricoh Singlex TLS. It used to belong to my dad … he used it a lot back in the day. I love this camera for so many reasons. 004. My piano, named Lucy. Always a favourite. Been my girl since I was 9, and has gotten me through a lot. 005. Read more about why I love magic hour here.

And I’m off to open envelope number two! Love ya, Senaa.