the lakeview restaurant.

by two after twenty


I feel silly writing any kind of introduction for this popular spot across from Trinity Bellwoods, but I will say this: because of the 24-hour sign, The Lakeview can be a completely different place to different people. It can be the place to get cheap breakfast, or the place to get REAL authentic milkshakes, or the place to grab a few drinks. I’m definitely one of the breakfast lot.

After our visit to Crafted, Em and I dropped by The Lakeview for some quick burgers & fries. I made the not-so-great decision to choose the sunny booth by the window … sunshine and heat galore. I’m so used to jumping at the chance to grab a seat by a window for lighting purposes, but I should’ve just done without this time. Argh. The unforgiving sun and leather seats were a lethal combination. We were baking the whole time, but I still snapped a few photos (hahaa).