crafted & emilie

by two after twenty


Em visited Toronto a few days ago, and I was lucky enough to catch up with her over coffee (some of you may recognize her as this Emilie). We visited Crafted by Te Aro on Ossington, and we both tried not too hard to disrupt the place with our cameras! Crafted is laden with really charming decor and has large, amazing windows (good for photo-taking light!). The cherry on top: we got the chance to hang with Em’s good pal Brett (photo below), a Crafted celebrity and a true artist at what he does. Em ordered a soy cappuccino, and I had the tea latte (unique and soothing).

Off topic, my macbook almost broke down processing all these photos … blerg. I also tried something a little different this time with the title diptych. That’s my handwriting up there! I may or may not continue with this style, but I did learn that it’s challenging to separate your brain from seeing your handwriting as “your handwriting” and to treat it solely as a design element.

Oh, and happy early birthday to Senaa, one of my very favourite pals!


Crafted by Te Aro - 135 Ossington Ave