a handful of cupcakes.

by two after twenty


I don’t cook. I’m an instant disaster in the kitchen. I once set my toaster oven on fire trying to make a pop tart. And there was one time where I made lunch for Jackson and myself, and I burned the grilled cheese to a black crisp (I tried to scrape off the black, but even after attempting to chip it all away, Jackson took a bite and then timidly asked if he could throw it out). When baking with friends, I am perfectly happy to be the “stirrer” and nothing else.

This is the first time I’ve ever baked anything myself (and from scratch), so this is a big deal on the Janice scale. Not to say things went perfect – they’re far from being the perfect cupcake. I was following a cupcake recipe that was for 4 cupcakes, and somehow ended up with 8 (so I’m pretty sure I messed up the recipe somewhere). And that nice little topper is actually whipped cream from a can (had no frosting or enough butter in the house, so I came up with a gross but visually pleasing alternative). Those things aside, these photos still stand as proof of my little triumph!