grand electric.

by two after twenty


Margret, Jackson and I made our way to the much hyped about Grand Electric a few weeks ago. And honestly, the whole experience was a blur of messy hands, thumping music and good Mexican food. I firmly believe any trip to Grand Electric automatically makes for a strong bonding experience. Seriously. The three of us had to huddle close together the entire time to hear each other talk over the blasting music, and the night consisted of biting into a taco and passing it on to the next person (kind of gross for germaphobes who aren’t into sharing food, but we just wanted to try every taco on the menu).

Like I said, lots o’ bonding. I’m proud to say we tried every taco on the menu except for the beef tongue, which was sold out (blerg!). Margret and Jackson’s favourite was the baja fish taco and mine was definitely the pig tail taco. The space was vintage/worn/chic, and also really dark (hence the smaller post). Anyway, if you’re not turned off by the phrases “beef tongue” and “pig tail”, head over to Grand Electric for a loud night of sharing food and beer with some good company, who you’ll find yourself a lot closer to by the end of it all.