thirty five.

by two after twenty


I love digital. That’s a silly (but true) statement. Kind of like, “I love chocolate”. Like chocolate, digital photo taking is common, addictive, and always there for a girl when times are rough. And then there’s film. Film’s like chocolate, but so much better.

These are a few film prints I took with my dad’s old film camera. I’ve been trying to use it a lot more these days.


Film vs. digital is an insanely long and heated debate that I really don’t want to get into here. I’ll just say this: to me, no sound of a digital camera’s shutter can compare to the sound of my 30+ year old film camera’s deep thump. And going through your film prints in your hand brings a different sweetness than going through your laptop’s import window. Basically, film is stupidly magical, and if I wasn’t such an impatient person in an instant-results society, I would definitely use it more than digital.