sam james coffee bar.

by two after twenty


I think we can all agree that sometimes a really good cup of coffee with an understanding pal can be the tiny lift you need to get through a not-so-awesome day/week/etc. During my visit to Sam James Coffee Bar, a latte and a chocolate chip cookie definitely worked some of that comforting magic.

A Harbord street fav, Sam James’ set-up is really similar to Ella’s Uncle. It’s charming but tiny, and has a mere two or three seats (if you get a window seat, consider yourself lucky!). That being said, Sam James makes up for the space issues with really superb coffee & cookies (again, much like Ella’s Uncle … ohmygoodness, their cookies). The latte I downed at Sam James was easily one of the best lattes I’ve had in the city so far, and I am a huge sucker for cookies with some good, balanced saltiness. Needless to say, Sam James is a definite yes for any coffee (or cookie) connoisseur.