crème brûlée on film.

by two after twenty


I had a few more left on an unfinished roll of film, so I decided to use them on a new amazing find: Costco crème brûlée. Ooookay, before you really start questioning my standards, let me defend myself quickly. Crème brûlée is something that’s way above my cook-at-home difficulty limit (which admittedly isn’t very high), meaning I could only really enjoy this treat in restaurants … until now.

These guys come in little glass cups, all ready to eat (sans caramelized top) for a ridiculously low price. Yeah, sure, buying the blow torch from Canadian Tire at $20 adds to the price, but hardening the top is very necessary … otherwise, it’s just a bowl of custard. Plus, a blow torch could probably come in handy for other uses in the future, right? (ie. blow torching your way into a safe during a bank heist, etc.)