two after twenty

Month: July, 2013

alyson & ian, part two.

      Last June, I went on a little photo walk with my friends Alyson and Ian. We took a few photos, we laughed, we ate, we saw some frogs, we explored a forest and received quite a few mosquito bites (well, at least I did). It was a nice (and insanely warm) day. […]

wallpaper wednesday (three).

    Hi friends! Here’s another Wallpaper Wednesday. This is an oldie, taken at the Vancouver Aquarium (the rest of the series here). I remember walking through the damp, dark hallways of this vast centre, pausing every few seconds to take a photo of a different fish or frog, etc. This little guy stayed pretty […]

avocado and egg on toast.

          I took a few photos while I was assembling my breakfast earlier today. Avocado and egg on toast is one of my very favourite things. It’s simple, easy and I’m a total egg addict. Add some salt and pepper and BAM – I’ve got myself a few bites of bliss. […]