two after twenty

Month: June, 2013

monday moment (sixty four).

  Hello all, and happy Monday Moment! More peonies for today – this was taken during the same time as this series. + I had a wonderful, wonderful week and weekend. Thank you all for all of the birthday love and wishes. I’m so lucky to have such great family and friends :) + Loving […]

wallpaper wednesday (one).

    I have an unhealthy obsession with changing my desktop wallpaper. Changing my wallpaper gives me the same “refreshing” feeling that also comes with repainting a room. I get an exciting buzz, a feeling of “newness” when I dress my desktop with a completely new look (see, I told you … unhealthy). After a […]

monday moment (sixty three).

    Happy Monday Moment, everyone! It’s funny – usually when I start to work on my Monday Moments, I start with one design and just run with it. This time, I found myself reworking things, trying different fonts and sifting through completely different looks. I decided to post two different moments this time around […]