two after twenty

Month: April, 2013

wallace espresso.

    A few photographs from my brief visit to Wallace Espresso, a tiny coffee shop tucked away at Lansdowne and Wallace. There’s a homey feel to this little cafe – no menus, no signs. Just a couple of stools, beautiful decor and good coffee.          

monday moment (fifty seven).

  Hey everyone! Happy Monday, and happy Monday Moment! This is an untouched scan (except for the added text) of a 35mm still, taken at the same time as this post. This is such a good example of why I like doing my Monday Moment series. I loved the imperfections of this photo, yet it […]


  CocoaLatte is in one of my favourite, dear-to-my-heart areas of Toronto: St. Clair West & Bathurst. It’s impossible to miss CocoaLatte – if its bright and minty blue exteriors don’t bring you inside, then their sandwich board signs for nutella lattes or brunch specials definitely will. Marco, Senaa and I somehow ended up ordering […]