two after twenty

Month: March, 2013

apartment in 35mm.

  It’s been too long since I’ve shared some 35mm captures. These were taken in Senaa’s apartment a few days ago while we warmed up after our walk around Wychwood Barns (the same day as this). This roll had been sitting in my Ricoh Singlex for a few months. It was so easy for me […]

monday moment (fifty four).

  A little late, but happy Monday Moment! This was taken today at Wychwood Barns in the St. Clair West area during my walk with Senaa and Marco. The rest of the photos taken from today will be up later on this week! + Listening to more Vampire Weekend this week. Diane Young is another […]

monday moment (fifty three).

  Happy Monday Moment, everyone! This is the first of my second volume of Monday Moments. This was taken this morning – it’s still very cold in Toronto, and I feel like winter will never end this time around. We get a few warm days here and there, but these little pockets of spring aren’t […]