two after twenty

Month: February, 2013

monday moment (fifty one).

  Today’s Monday Moment, taken at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This was a beautiful spot right beside my brother’s old residence, back when he attended the university years ago. + Listening to a lot of Tom Waits this week. A funny side-story: I was in the process of picking “Hold on” on […]

joy bistro bar.

  Alright, let’s take a break from all these travel photos and Monday moments and get back to what I really love doing: eating and shooting where/what I eat. Last Friday, Jackson and I went to the Robocop/Total Recall set sale, a huge warehouse sale where you can buy set pieces and props from both […]

monday moment (fifty).

  Happy Monday Moment, everyone! And to all my Canadian pals, Happy Family Day! I hope everyone’s getting a chance to enjoy their day with loved ones. This was taken on our flight to Hong Kong. Unbelievably tired and groggy from the long flight, everyone on the plane had their window shades closed. Like the […]