two after twenty

Month: September, 2012

early morning at st. lawrence market.

    Two Saturdays ago, my good friend Margret somehow convinced me to go to the St. Lawrence Market with her at six o’ clock in the morning (I have no idea how she managed to convince me, but it happened). It was dark when we left the suburbs, and the sun was rising by […]

monday moments (thirty one and thirty two).

    Last week, my perfect Monday Moment record ended (sigh). For the past thirty Mondays, I can comfortably say I’ve been great with getting my moments up with plenty of time to spare. Even during the I-don’t-know-how-I’m-going-to-make-it-through-this-Monday Mondays, I had found magical spare minutes, or had a photo all ready to go the Sunday […]

monday moment (thirty).

  And I’ve reached the thirties of the Monday Moments! This still was taken in the Distillery District this weekend, right outside of Soma (where Margret introduced me to chocolate covered corn – delicious!). The rest of this weekend’s shots will be up soon, which include an early morning walk around the St. Lawrence Market […]