two after twenty

Month: August, 2012

a few from the cne.

  A few shots from the CNE, and most of them taken at dusk (my favourite time of day). It was my first time really walking around the CNE since I was a kid – so much nostalgia! And the CNE Sky Ride was worth every penny – travelling the whole length of the amusement […]

monday moment (twenty nine).

  A black and white Monday Moment for today. Wow, it’s been busy! This moment almost didn’t make it up. Eep. This week is definitely looking a little crazy, but I’m really hoping to upload a few more posts on the blog before the next Monday moment. This digital still was taken during the Toronto […]

le petit dejeuner.

    These are a few shots from when Senaa and I went to visit Le Petit Dejeuner a few weeks ago for brunch. I was boring and ordered the regular 2 eggs/bacon, but our meals did come with a very interesting apple coleslaw. It’s been a while since a brunch or cafe spot has […]