two after twenty

Month: July, 2012

monday moment (twenty three).

  Today’s Monday Moment. I feel humid just LOOKING at this shot! There has been a massive heat wave in Toronto lately, and working most of my days outside has been a bit brutal. I’m excited to escape for a few days to Halifax later on this week, and to take a heap of photos […]

monday moment (twenty two).

  Today’s ridiculously late Monday Moment, again in 35mm. Gah, this one almost didn’t make it up. But again, I’m too determined to stick with this project. I can’t even comprehend that this photo was taken during the coldest days of this past winter. The days have been so hot and humid and muggy lately, […]

ici bistro.

  I had the privilege of shooting a few behind-the-scenes stills of a spot focused on the wonderful Jean-Pierre and his drunken lobster dish with Courvoisier at Ici Bistro. I can’t even begin to say how much fun it was to shoot in a real kitchen. I had to dance and turn around a bunch […]