two after twenty

Month: July, 2012

monday moment (twenty five).

  Today’s Monday Moment, an old digital still from my last year’s trip to Vancouver. I’ve always wanted to incorporate this still somewhere in the Vancouver Aquarium set, but couldn’t find a place. A huge perk of Monday Moments!

peggy’s cove.

  I went to Halifax last week and finally got to see the famous lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove. Being along those rocks was truly a different experience. The landscape is so alien and the overall feeling you get while standing along the edge of the rock is kind of overwhelming. I really enjoyed Peggy’s Cove, […]

monday moment (twenty four).

  Hello from Halifax! Today’s Monday Moment, which is really early – I’m currently in the hotel room, looking over some of the stills I’ve taken during this short trip. I promise that Monday moments won’t be stacked on the blog this week – I took a lot of great stills at photography heaven, aka […]