two after twenty

Month: June, 2012

monday moment (eighteen).

  Today’s Monday Moment comes to the blog super early! I’m anticipating a super busy Monday, so I thought I’d get a head start. Another film print, this one taken at the same time as this series. This was my favourite film print of the ones I took during my visit to the Evergreen Brick […]

brick works, part two.

  Just a few more from the Brick Works (find the first and much larger post here). The portraits of myself were provided by my good pal Joel. What you see above is how I react 99% of the time a camera is pointed in my direction. Anyhoo – happy weekend, everyone!      

monday moment (seventeen).

  Today’s Monday Moment. Another film print, this one taken from this series at the cozy and wonderful Ezra’s Pound. I can’t believe this is already number seventeen – time flies! Having two Monday Moments back-to-back on the blog really bothers me, but the craziness of last week didn’t allow for any blog-updating time. Luckily, […]