two after twenty

Month: April, 2012

monday moment (twelve).

  Today’s Monday Moment. This was taken during the same time as Em’s visit to Toronto & Crafted. Em also made a wonderful little piece, where you can see a brief behind-the-scenes of some of these shots and the rest of her Toronto visit (I’m in the first half of the video in the green […]

tea and cookies.

  If you saw this post and read the description for number two, you’ll know the (slightly embarrassing) set up for this series (basically, pushing the subjects flush against a random window to get some decent light). This mini photo session took place in Senaa’s kitchen, and was also a result of two things: 1) […]

monday moment (eleven).

  Today’s Monday Moment. This shot was taken around one of my favourite spots by the lake. It was also captured at the same time as this series. View large by clicking the photo (a must!). Yep, I was a bit of a creeper and sneakily shot these two talking by the water (hahaa). Hope […]