two after twenty

Month: February, 2012

monday moment (two).

  This is an abandoned piano (on 35mm) that I discovered above the studio, and my second Monday Moment. To recap this series, every Monday I’ll be pairing a still with a few (unpunctuated) words on the missing off-camera details of a photo (smell, sounds, all that jazz). I’ve been getting a lot of positive […]

ezra’s pound.

  After a less than pleasant brunch at Saving Grace on Dundas West (that post to come later), Senaa and I decided to recuperate a few doors down at Ezra’s Pound. It was a total fluke – we needed coffee, we walked a few frozen steps … and there it was. Ezra’s Pound is kind […]

monday moment (one).

  Note: the above is in no way an attempt at poetry. This is actually a small idea I’ve had for weeks, and I’m finally getting around to it now. Those who know me will know I obsess over fonts/type/typography-related things, and now I’m turning this slight obsession into what I am calling, “Monday Moments”. […]