two after twenty

Month: December, 2011

more thirty five.

I need a proper camera bag. It’s coming to the inevitable point where I am carrying multiple camera bodies; one digital, one film, one instant film and one disposable (okay okay, disposables are small, but still!). This means I walk around with a very heavy purse that I’ve haphazardly converted into a camera bag and […]

the black hoof.

A week or so ago, I went to The Black Hoof on Dundas and Ossington with Margret. I fell in love. Everything about The Black Hoof was right up my alley – the lighting, the worn vintage wood decor, the FOIE GRAS! Everything except erm, the 1 hour wait. But the food was worth it […]

granville island, bc.

A few snaps from my walk around Granville Island in Vancouver, which reminded me of the Distillery District back home in Toronto.